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In what ways, if any, do you use mathematics in your non-math classes?

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Lisa’s Ramblings about Math in the School System:

As much as I hate to admit it (cause I’m not exactly great at it), math can be
found in almost any class, or situation in life really. Of course this is just
about school, so I won’t bore you with the life examples. As for school
examples, there are many. For instance, just this morning in my geography 40S we
were asked that if our death rate was 425/1000 how many kids in our class would
have died… surprisingly with this ratio, nine of the 21 students in our class
wouldn’t be alive… scary thought isn’t it?? Other than today’s geo class, we
always use math to calculate population statistics such as birth and death
rates. Business is another class that has lots and lots of math. For instance in
my grade 12 international business course we had to do lots of calculations for
products, prices, transportation cost etc. In music, when you have to write or
do music theory, math is required for putting the proper amount of rests and
notes to fill a bar. Example 4/4 timing can have 4 quarter rests
¼ + ¼ + ¼ + ¼ = 4/4 or one full bar. In history, a little math is required for
figuring out time periods and how long they lasted, or if you’re studying
scientific revolutions. Science is a big one for including math, biology has
math relations, and chemistry, physics math based. Family Studies involves
cooking, and cooking includes measuring ingredients. Can you imagine baking a
cake without measuring? You would have one big mess on your hands, and probably
not a tasty one. Art involves math such as measuring for perspective
pictures, making borders, cubes and other shapes that require the perfect look
and therefore the perfect measurements. Even dance requires the knowledge of
counting for beats within a piece of music. Miscount the beats and the whole
dance is off. As you can see there are MANY MANY examples of math throughout
the school system. I bet that if you were to really think about it, you would
find that there are aspects of math in every single class. In all truth, we
can’t live without math, and if we tried to our world would be chaos!!
Ok I think that’s just about enough from me, hope this helps Mr. K !
Good Luck and Learn Hard!!